"Our most well-known alumni might just be a tie between Martin Luther King Jr. and Jenna Marbles"’ 

 - My tour guide at Boston University 

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SO first off the shrub that spells out Cape Cod is my laptop wall paper. Second this blog is probably my favorite as of now. Sadly i live in florida for my dads job, is fam lives in Massachusetts. In Hyannis (lower cape), Holden, and Shrewsbury. I go to Boston and Cape Cod every summer, my cousin works security at fenway and my grandparents were like bestfriends with Ted Kennedy and the family. The fluffernutter is the greatest samwhich ever, it's wicked good. THIS BLOG IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. <3

I seriously appreciate that I continue to get support messages even though I don’t post anymore. (I’m planning on making some posts next week during my school vacation) Thank you so much, I hope you have a great day! <3 

you haven't posted in a while. ): makes me sad. i love seeing your posts!

I’m so sorry! This is a totally generic excuse but I am terrible at time management! At the moment I have a power point presentation due for the college class I’m taking in my school’s dual enrollment program and I also have a paper in English, and 2 projects due for my other classes, I’m a little crunched for time! I’ve also been a little uninspired lately /:

I’ll be posting this upcoming weekend for sure, I promise! Thanks for being patient, and thanks for the support, I really appreciate it <3

I love this blog, maybe as much as I love living in MA. Keep it up. :)

Aw, thank you so much! I really appreciate it [:

Something I don’t think people understand about me running this blog: I try my best. If it’s not good enough for you, I’m sorry this blog didn’t reach your standards. I didn’t make this blog to gain followers, I made this blog because I love living in Massachusetts. Anyways, I don’t like too much negativity on here (hence why I don’t have an anon button) but I hope everyone’s having a great night. 

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I can’t believe Friendly’s has filed for bankruptcy /: I hope they don’t close the one near me, I’ve been hoping that’s where I would get my first job! 

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To the person who asked about Newburyport: IT IS LEGITIMATELY AWESOME. If there was one non-big-city on the east coast where I would choose to live, THAT would be it. It's sorta like if you took Nantucket & stuck it on the coast, that's Newburyport- there are amaaazing little shops & restaurants, and even one of the most delicious gelato places ever & everybody walks around the town square, which is always lit up for christmas & all boat-y in the summer- it's gorgeous. Seriously, you'll love it!

Aw that is so good to hear I hope that he/she sees this!